What is a Scroll Saw Used for

What is a Scroll Saw Used for? Everything You Need To Know

Without them, filigree shapes would not be possible. The scroll saw is a popular tool, especially in the craft and model making sector.
OK then! What is a scroll saw used for? Can we do the same with other tools? With the right saw blade, inlays and model construction are child’s play. With its diversity, a scroll saw is convincing in many areas.

With our best scroll saw list 2020, we not only want to introduce you to the best scroll saws but also highlight general advantages and disadvantages as well as purchase criteria. So you can easily find the right scroll saw for you in the future.

The jigsaw works like a jigsaw but is equipped with an electric motor. The scroll saw is used when wood, sheet metal, or plastic has to be sawn small and fine.
With a jigsaw, you can cut marquetry, puzzles, small wooden figures, or toys. Such a saw is the right tool for this. You can cut the materials precisely with a jigsaw.

Scroll saws are the electric version of a jigsaw. You can cut wood with precision and very filigree.
When buying a scroll saw, make sure to set the speed. For a finer cut, a lower speed should be set.
Scroll saws can be used with normal jigsaws or with special scroll saw blades. Some models have a cross pin to lock the saw blades.

What is a Scroll Saw Used for? (What Materials Can a Scroll Saw Cut?)

The scroll saw is used in model making, to cut out complex and filigree patterns and shapes, Also for wooden decorations of any kind, cutting with an electric jigsaw is recommended. There are now many scroll saw templates on the web. Let your creativity run free.

Such a saw is used when you can no longer get any further with a jigsaw. If the saw blade is too thick or you can no longer cut the curves properly. Possible areas of application can be candle arches, wooden puzzles, animal figures, and other fine work.

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How Much Does a Scroll Saw Cost?

There are about three different price classes for fine-cut saws. Starting with inexpensive hobby tools, through multifunctional table saws for workshops and hobbies, to versatile professional saws for industry and craft. Any kind of scroll saw can be worthwhile for you, depending on what you need your saw for.
Simple table saws without different gears start at around $ 100. Even if these devices only have small motors, they often come with useful accessories such as lights and fans.

The electric saws in the middle segment, which have adjustable saw tables and several aisles, are a bit more expensive. However, it is easy to find really excellent devices between $ 100 and $ 200.

Many of the absolute top models are characterized by prices in the mid-three-digit range. However, these table saws are so solid and durable that you will probably keep them for a lifetime. In addition, these professional models can often keep up with the saw quality and the functions of industrial machines that cost several thousand dollars.

What Should I Look for in a Scroll Saw? Buying Guide

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate scroll saws. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular device is right for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Mass weight
  • Power
  • Rotation speed
  • Cutting depth
  • Suction devise/blowing device
  • Table inclination / table surface
  • Saw blade

In the following paragraphs, you can read about what the individual purchase criteria are and how you can classify them.

Mass weight

The product dimension indicates the size of the saw. This is important so that you can find the optimal location for your saw. Remember that the saw must be on a firm surface and that you have enough space to turn your workpiece.

Weight is the weight of the machine. The heavier the saw, the quieter it usually runs when sawing. The machine must stand on a solid surface and, if necessary, be fastened.


Don’t let the values ​​mislead you here. What is important here is what ultimately arrives at the saw piece in terms of performance. Unfortunately, this can only be found out through personal experience or reports from other sellers.

With 200 watts as a specification, hobbyists should be satisfied with low wattage. However, model builders should use higher wattage.

Rotation speed

The speed can usually be set by a stepless or multi-stage controller. This is important so that you can saw a variety of materials such as plastic, softwood, metals, and hardwood. The higher the speed, the faster the scroll saw works.

The maximum speed is usually between 1,400 and 1,600 revolutions per minute. For straight cuts, you normally use a high speed, but for curves, you switch to a lower value.

Cutting depth

The cutting depth, on the other hand, indicates how deep the workpiece can be sawn. A minimum depth of 50mm should be achieved for wood, 10mm for metal, and 30mm for plastic.

Suction device/blowing device

A suction device is very helpful when sawing. It blows away chips and dust that would otherwise block the view of the piece to be sawed. Warning: wood dust can be dangerous. If the material is very fine, it makes sense to wear a protective mask.

Suction device/blowing device

Most machines can be used to adjust the table position and incline. As a rule, the table can be inclined by 45 degrees and thus enables workpieces to be mitered. The inclination can be read off and set using a corresponding angle scale.

The size of the table surface is quite different for the scroll saws. A large surface is always good, of course, but if you only want to saw small and short pieces (such as in model making), you can of course choose a smaller table.

Some saws have a height-adjustable table. Since the saw blade is in principle stretched through the table, this has the advantage that edge areas of the saw blade can be used.

Saw blade

Most scroll saws come with saw blades. In the best case, your scroll saw has a quick release with which you can easily insert or change the saw blade.

The right saw blade determines the ease of sawing. The choice of which saw blade is the right one depends on the material. Fretsaw blades can also be used. However, these require a locking pin or an adapter for stabilization.

Scroll saw blades are better suited for filigree work. There are round and straight saw blades. The round scroll saw blades enable particularly filigree sawing. You can use them to saw in any direction. The round saw blades vary in size, strength and hardness.

To begin with, harder circular saw blades are recommended for beginners. With straight saw blades, however, you can saw quickly and efficiently. The following applies to all saw blades: If you pluck the blade, a high pitched sound must be heard. On the other hand, the tension is allowed.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Scroll Saw

The jigsaw uses the normal jigsaw blades, such as the handsaw, which have a total length of 130 mm. However, you can also use the special scroll saw blades. These have a smallholding pin on each end which makes it easier to lock the saw blades. If you are using a basic fret saw blades, you will need an adapter for use. The correct adapter is supplied with many devices.
You can do many different jobs with a jigsaw. Indispensable for model making is that you can also make interior cuts and artistic wooden figures with such a jigsaw.

What are the pros and cons of scroll saws compared to simple scroll saws?

The advantages are!

  • Very easy operation even for beginners.
  • Concentration on the workpiece.
  • Compared to a handsaw, work can be done faster.
  • Ambidextrous guidance.
  • The saw works with higher precision.
  • Precise fine cut.
  • Filigree shapes possible.
  • Time savings when sawing.

The cons are!

  • The machine needs a power connection.
  • The acquisition costs are much higher.
  • Saw blade is not fully used (short stroke).
  • The volume may be partly high depending on the brand.
  • Parking space is necessary.
  • Training required.
  • Internal sawing for small workpieces (hole must be larger).
  • Large workpieces (over 50cm) (arm not big enough).
what is a scroll saw used for

Scroll Saw Safety

Prepare the workplace:

A safe sawing process means that the workplace is well prepared. Do you have free access to your workplace or is it blocked by something? Is your workpiece clearly visible? Does the set table height fit?

Checking the saw blade:

As explained in the section above, it is important that the saw blade has a certain tension. Otherwise, it can tear and, in the worst case, injure you or destroy your workpiece.

Eye and finger protection:

During the sawing process, wood chips and dust can fly away. To protect yourself from this, you can either use the standard privacy screen of the scroll saw or your own safety glasses. Also, make sure there is enough space between your fingers and the saw blade. Especially with filigree work, it can easily happen that the distance is reduced too much.

Checking the scroll saw:

A scroll saw is a heavy-duty tool. Above all, deposits of dust and shavings can cause something to jam or no longer run smoothly. As soon as you hear noises during the sawing process or the quality of the cuts decreases, switch off the scroll saw immediately and investigate the cause.

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