that improve children's creative skills

That Improve Children’s Creative Skills 15 Games and Activities

Undoubtedly, games are activities that cannot be underestimated for children. Children learn and develop through play. Play helps children grow strong and healthy. It also eliminates the obesity problems faced by many children today.  

With games, children complete their emotional growth. It contributes to get away from worry and stress and to relax. 

Our children need to play more during the day than you think for their physical, social, and emotional development. With rich learning opportunities, games lead to children’s success and self-confidence. It allows him to practice and reinforce in many areas.  

I hope you will enjoy this list that I created especially from the games and activities to be played indoors these days.

That Improve Children’s Creative Skills 15 Games and Activities

Basic Board Games

Board games are one of the best activities for children these days when we are at home. There are many board games available for even the youngest players, and these should be adopted not only for their fun factor but also for their learning potential. Besides learning numbers, colors, shapes, these games are essential for teaching kids to take turns and share.

Drawing Painting

Letting children scribble with paint materials will help them express themselves. They also experience sensory experience. Ultimately children will learn by dispersing and mixing. Coloring and scribbling activities will improve pre-writing skills as well as allow them to experience different abilities such as mixing colors.

Role Playing Games

Toy doctor kits, carpenter, firefighter, dentist and more. Let them go and let their imaginations go crazy. These types of toys help them begin to understand the adult world and engage in social interaction.

Play dough

Recommended by all expert pedagogues. Its contribution to children’s learning is enormous. Improves fine motor skills and creativity in children. It will provide hand-eye coordination and concentration as well as strengthen fingers for a lifetime of writing preparation.


The contribution of these world-famous toys to the development of children cannot be denied. It enhances fine motor development and creativity as well as hand-eye coordination strength in children.


Playing with blocks will strengthen children’s spatial and creative thinking. It will also form the basis for the development of problem-solving skills and logical reasoning. Blocks are very functional in children in ordering and recognizing various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Kinetic Sand

Children love to play in the sand. But you can’t always go to the beach. Fortunately, there are kinetic sands on the market. Kinetic sands are effective for exploring the basics of scientific learning. It improves physical development, muscles, and coordination. It reveals the feeling of self-confidence in the child. and furthermore, it will improve the child’s creative side.


Puzzles have always been effective. It is perhaps the most diverse activity among children’s leisure activities. Jigsaw, brainteasers, cube, sudoku, and more. You can always find a cheap game on the market. I don’t even need to say the contribution of puzzles to children.

Doll Character Game

Of course, this is not just for girls! Figure characters and mini dolls allow children to develop their social play. It encourages them to express their imagination and emotions.


The main goal of this game, which consists only of wooden blocks, is really easy and simple. Pull a block, put it on top but don’t let the tower fall! The game stops when the tower becomes unstable and falls to the ground. You can play the game the way you want. Change it and create your own rules. Let your child make a rule. Wooden block stacking game helps children understand the relationship between gravity and balance.

Music, Dance, and Singing Games

Singing and music in children are important for self-confidence development. Singing helps greatly in laying the foundation for language development and literacy skills. They start to develop rhythm while improving their listening skills thanks to music. Dance, on the other hand, enables the child to develop strength and coordination in terms of muscle structure and flexibility.

Puppet Games

Puppet plays are great for revealing children’s drama and theater skills. It helps children develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, verbal skills, role play, creative thinking, and imagination.

Camping At Home

Children are very enthusiastic and creative. They get tired of boring and repetitive games quickly and continue to demand new, unique toys every day. Setting up a camp in the middle of the hall and imitating the elders can be very exciting for children. After all, they need a fantastic camping adventure, right?

Chess And Checkers

With these games that have been played for hundreds of years, you can encourage our children’s minds to think strategically and stimulate their young minds.

Family Games

Family games reinforce the sense of belonging, sharing, and sacrifice in children. It helps the child to understand the role of the family, the roles of their parents. There are hundreds of different games on the market that you can play in peace and happiness. You must have a savior family game that you can reveal when children are most bored.

Undoubtedly, all games are one of the main ways children learn and develop. Games help children discover their own talents. With the power of the game, they can improve many skills. The child’s imagination will develop and they will learn basic skills such as problem-solving, working with others, sharing, and much more.

Our job as parents should be to help them express themselves and experience as diverse games as possible.

If you have any ideas, comments, and suggestions or anything you want to add, feel free to write below. We wish you a happy and peaceful days with your children …


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