Is Wood Burning Difficult? Guide to get started.

The question for those who want to start pyrography is: Is wood burning diffucult? Pyrography is an easy skill to learn. Permanently putting a beautiful project into wood is a great way to add a decorative touch.
Let us consider you in this process, and I will also share some tips I learned along the way.
If you want to burn the picture to the board, you must first clean the surface of the wood. Choose an image you like and design your design for the piece of wood you have.

After that, you can get to work with your wood burner.

In fact, the biggest challenge is in action. Perhaps the feeling that you will never be able to continue in different crafts or because of a few bad works. Don’t let that happen. Start whatever you want. The process will already improve you. Trust me.

Wood Burning Getting Started Guide

1. Wood Selection and Surface Cleaning

In fact, any wood surface can be burned with wood. Some are still better than others. Excessive grain wood surfaces may not show your art well.
The burned surface of the wood you choose should be sanded thoroughly with fine sandpaper. This will show your work more smoothly.

2. Use a template, or draw it.

The best way is, of course, to use a template. In this way, you can bring your design to the surface.

Or you can transfer your design that you draw on a piece of paper to the wooden surface. Carbon paper works great for this. Unfortunately, it can leave stains on the board.

You can actually improvise. Take a soft pencil and cover the back of the image. Then put the image on the board and watch all the lines with a pencil, you need to press it pretty hard. This method works, but the lines will look a little faded. So once you finish, you have to make them clearer with a pencil.
If you’re a master illustrator, it’s worth trying in terms of originality.

As another method, you can use computer output.

3. Work with your Wood Burning Kit and the right tip.

Practice your art using a burner tip suitable for your design with your wood-burning tool. Choose the appropriate one from the various tips that come with your tool.
You can start with the fine tip, it will probably be easy. Insert the plug and give it 5-10 minutes to warm up.
Meanwhile, open one or two windows so that ventilation continues.
Use a pair of pliers to avoid burns when changing tips.
You can play with the amount of pressure to get different burning effects while using your burner. You will have an idea of ​​how much pressure you will need to apply for which tone burning over time.

Is Wood Burning Difficult

4. No Hurry.

Take it nice and slow. If you go too fast, the tool cools down too much and does not leave a nice line. However, if this happens, you can easily go back and fix it later. You don’t have to push the board too much, a light touch is all it takes. It usually becomes harder the more you push, because the grain of the wood gets in your way.

Make small dots or lines. After downloading your first line, you can start again more easily.
Find the best result of rotating the workpiece to align it with your hand instead of another way.
Dragging the tool definitely works better than pushing it across the surface. Continue rotating your work to suit your hand position.

The thin tip bends pretty quickly when it’s hot, so you can occasionally rotate the tool to keep it straight. Carbon also accumulates at the tip, which makes it less effective in combustion, and rotation also helps.
One more subtle point is that when you start burning you should use a constant speed to keep the lines consistent. Feel free to use a scrap board to practice this.

5. Correct Errors.

You can basically sand the black area with sandpaper to correct mistakes. Sand only the really wrong part.

Here’s a good fix! You can come back with the burning tool to redraw some lines.

Finally, you can varnish your optional finished project. This is a demanding job.
Now it’s over. It’s time to be proud. You can show your masterpiece to your friends. And you can even go on sale online.
A few years ago, I was dealing with wood burning. I created several works. I tried to share all I know with you. However, they say that learning has no end. If there is something missing, please remember to add it to the comment section below.
Thank you for reading our article.

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